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The was the original site for the Christian Light Foundation which has now changed its name to the Christian Light Ministries. If you are looking for the Christian Light Ministries website go to: for the latest news about what this ministry is doing. When the new website with the new name for the Christian Light Foundation, the old site's domain registration was allowed to expire. The site,, disappeared from the web.

My uncle was involved in Christian missionary work in Africa and later in the Pacific rim countries of Malaysia and the Philippines. I called him just the other day from work to see if he needed any janitorial supplies for the clinic he is volunteering at. I happened to work for an e commerce site that not only sells janitorial cleaning products, but is also a paper towels wholesale distributor. When I first started working here in the paper products department I was overwhelmed. I had never realized the variety of paper towels, for instance, that are available. Now whenever I enter a public rest room I always check out to see if they have center-pull paper hand towels, perforated paper towels, multi-fold paper towels, c-fold paper towels, 1-ply brown paper towels, white paper towels, eco-friendly or regular paper towels! It's crazy, but automatic. The same goes for the toilet paper! Anyway, he was delighted when I told him how I was resurrecting this Christian Light Foundation site when I had recently discovered that the site's domain was available. I was concerned that someone else might purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. I believe the Christian Light Foundation should remain visible on the web. It's admirable that they are enabling missionaries to take the Gospel to the unreached corners of the world.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.

Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back to when the Christian Light Ministries was called the Christian Light Foundation. Jack Cummings had returned from India where he had attended several pastors conferences in the southern and northern regions of India.


Welcome to Christian Light Foundation


The mission of Christian Light Foundation is to provide assistance to Christian missionaries around the world.
Our purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission:
Serving 36 missionaries who take the gospel of Jesus to 15 countries


A Missionary Sending Organization

Christian Light Foundation (CLF) was founded in 1973 to be an effective vehicle for reaching lost souls for Christ by providing assistance and support for missionaries, pastors and evangelists. It has been encouraging and exciting over the years to watch the number of missionaries and their work in so many different countries multiply and grow. It is still a fact "that the fields are white unto harvest, but the laborers are few."

CLF's mission is to enable its missionaries to take the Gospel to the unreached corners of the world and assist them in doing the work God placed on their hearts.

During CLF's thirty plus years of ministry, God's hand has been at work reaching those who have not heard the message of salvation. This reality makes ours a powerful mission field, providing practical assistance, timeless truths of life and the hope of the good news of the Gospel. Our prayer is that everything that takes place with CLF will change lives, this generation and the next for eternity.

This is being accomplished through numerous avenues of service which include:

  • Medical support
  • Church planting
  • Health and nutrition programs
  • Prison ministry
  • Military ministry
  • Educational programs
  • Music ministries
  • Pastoral and layman training
  • Bible translation work
  • Establishing orphanages



Statement of Faith


We believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as originally given, are the inerrant, inspired Word of God; that they are infallible, and the final authority of faith and life.

Before anything else existed, Jesus Christ was with the one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that He created the universe and is the binding force that holds it together; that He is the source of eternal Life.

Jesus Christ, without any change in his eternal deity, through virgin birth conceived of the Holy Spirit, became man, coming to earth to fulfill a divine plan for the redemption of the fallen mankind through the shedding of His blood and death on the cross, as a perfect and complete sacrifice; that He was resurrected in His crucified body, ascended into heaven, and abides there as our High Priest and Advocate.

God created Adam, who, having been tempted by Satan, disobeyed God; that by his sin he thereby imputed guilt and condemnation to all mankind.

Salvation is freely given by the grace of God, entirely apart from works; that it comes only through the redeeming blood and can be possessed by anyone who receives Jesus Christ by faith as personal Lord and Saviour.

The saved will spend eternity in heaven with Jesus, and the unsaved will receive everlasting conscious punishment in hell.

Christ commissioned all believers to proclaim the Gospel at home and in all parts of the world, that all may have the opportunity to accept Him as Saviour.

The personal return of Christ in imminent. When it occurs it will be obvious to everyone and there will be no doubt that it is He.

The Board of Directors
Christian Light Foundation

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)




 Letters from India


I have just returned home from an amazing visit to India. Evangelists Jerry Spencer, Ronnie Smith and myself spent ten days along side of CLF partner, Dr. Thomas and others hosting pastor’s conferences in the southern and northern regions of India.

Our first stop was Southern India where we held two conferences for area pastors. One was held at a local church while the other was in the “hill country”. While in that same area we visited the church we planted in the Tsunami Relief area. We heard testimonies from survivors, and members shared their desire to purchase land because of the growth they have been experiencing since the last time we were there.

Through the various ministries of Dr. Thomas, he has been able to reach many for Christ. He and his team have an orphanage that houses fifty-one children at the moment. Daily they clothe, feed, and educate these children. If it weren’t for this orphanage the kids would be out learning the family trade or working in the rubber plantations, never having an opportunity for a solid, Christian, education.

Dr. Thomas also has a Bible School as a part of this ministry. Because of lack of funding the school has temporarily been shut down. Through this Bible school, pastors come and receive training and learn how to plant churches. Through this ministry fifty-one churches have already been planted! With out the school up and running it makes it very difficult to continue to plant effective, healthy churches.

After our time in the southern region, we headed north to Delhi where we held a four day conferences for pastors on the campus of All India Prayer Fellowship. 240 pastors, many traveling for several days to get there, came from the surrounding areas of northern and eastern India as well as Burma and Nepal.

After four days of preaching and training from sun up to sun down the pastors still wanted more! As they left to return home, they asked that next years conference go longer into the night with teaching and that we extend the days as well.

It is refreshing to know there are people who desire to hear the Word of God and devastating at the same time to know this continues to exist. There are pastors that are desperate for someone to train them, teach them how to study the Bible and lead others so they can return home and help those in their communities.

Many of these areas we visited are areas where believers are persecuted for their faith. These pastors are risking their safety to share the Gospel to those they love.

Please join me in prayer for these pastors and their churches. Pray the Lord would continue to raise up pastors and leaders to share the Gospel.

Pray for Dr. Thomas and the restoration of his Bible School. Just $750 a month keeps the school running; housing and feeding 20 students and paying the needed staff.

Please consider making a contribution to help restore this needed school.


Thank you,
Jack Cummings,
Executive Director




POSTS From 2007-2010




The devastation of the earthquake in Haiti must be beyond what one can imagine. For us it does bring back memories of Guatemala in 1976 and how our life was changed to come to live in Guatemala and help rebuild this country after the severe earthquake of February 4. The death toll in Haiti is probably over 8 times the toll in Guatemala of 1976.
It also reminds us that our objective must always remain on target and that is telling about the salvation of Christ and teaching...

Thank you very much to the many people who have generously supported this ministry in this time of need, you are wonderful! I have 38 employees and 33 are homeless, witnessing them living in tents has been very heavy on my heart.
Most of the staff rented, they must move now and find another house to rent. I would like to help them with a year’s rent and replace things lost when their homes fell. Maybe a church group could adopt a staff person and buy a new home! We have had...


The devastation of the earthquake in Haiti must be beyond what one can imagine. For us it does bring back memories of Guatemala in 1976 and how our life was changed to come to live in Guatemala and help rebuild this country after the severe earthquake of February 4. The death toll in Haiti is probably over 8 times the toll in Guatemala of 1976.
It also reminds us that our objective must always remain on target and that is telling about the salvation of Christ and teachi...

Relief Efforts in Haiti
Thank you so much for your prayers and support for the emergency relief effort in Haiti! Sherrie Fausey has returned to Haiti; and as she put it, “I am ready to go back home”. Our team of one doctor, two nurses, a physician’s assistant and other willing hearts returned home this past week and developing teams will be an ongoing effort for some time to come. The following is part of the report, “The airport is packed with supplies and people coming in to help. Just today a large group of 40 pe...

CLF Missionary Update on Haiti
As you can see on any TV station, the devastation in Haiti is beyond words. CLF missionaries and staff are working day after day moving any items that can be salvaged from the old building to the new school. CLF has a team in Haiti with a doctor, two nurses, a physician’s assistant and other hard working people helping the best way they know how and with the resources they are given. The conditions are very difficult, the concrete dust cannot be avoided and by the time evening arrives everyon...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!
It gives us absolute JOY to be able to give you the following news! CLF missionary Sherrie Fausey is doing very well and she is busy doing what God has called her to do, ministering to the people of Haiti. Her house suffered severe damage but the new building held up well and everyone is staying there. She did loose one precious child, please pray for his family.
Thank you for your support and prayers....

As you are probably aware, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010, followed by at least a dozen aftershocks causing widespread devastation in the capital of Port au Prince. CLF has five missionaries in Haiti and four have been accounted for.
We are still waiting for affirmative word on Sherrie Fausey. A team will be traveling to Haiti in the morning with the specific goal of going straight to Sherrie's house. They will be carrying a satellite phone, medications,...

Women's Growth USA
Women's Growth Institute's mission is to train the Christian woman to minister with purpose by knowing, developing and using her God-given personality, spiritual gifts, natural talents, life hurts, past sins and passions in life; so wherever the Spirit of God leads her, she may be thoroughly equipped to lead others to Christ and to disciple others. Robyn Crowley is doing just that here in Jacksonville, Florida and now with our military at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. What an incredible ...

Evangelcubes in Haiti
Our missionary in Haiti is so thankful for the wonderful and dedicated staff that works with over 200 children every day. This is what she had to say, "Our morning devotion is devoted to Bible study for the family. The lesson for today was about leading your children to accept Jesus. We had about 10 groups scattered about the yard reading the tracts together. They really got excited about it and Mr. Emmanuel and Mr. Peterson were downright preaching! Tuesday evening, Mr. Emmanuel asked for...

Hello From Roatan, Honduras
CLF has new missionaries in a new part of the world, they arrived in Roatan in October! They are from Michigan and will be administrators of the "Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries" overseeing the "Greenfield Children's Home". They had this to say - "We arrived safely in Roatan today, the journey went well. We did not have any problems going thru customs; they did not even check our luggage, probably because we had over 25 bags! Our first week here will be very busy; two board members will be a...

"Purpose Driven Life" in Spanish/Venezuela
Our missionaries in Venezuela have this to say about a new study - "On Thursday nights we have begun a study using the "Purpose Driven Life" where we watch a 25 minute DVD of a dubbed Spanish-speaking Rick Warren (it actually is pretty funny) and afterwards lead a discussion group. This is part of a 6 week study where we hope that this will help unify the church and give clarity and direction to where the church wants to go and with it wants to accomplish."...

Floods devastate the Island of Luzon in the Philippines
The Island of Luzon in the Philippines where our missionary Judy Russell has a lot of her work was recently devastated by floods. Four of our staff had severe losses. Several spent hours on roof tops that night with small children and have lost most of their possessions. But in spite of this they are out meeting the needs of the community and doing what they can to solve the many problems presented by the flood. Our medical team will come to Luzon and do clinics in the hardest hit areas to t...

One supporter is matching funds!
LaFinca means "the farm" or any large open area. It is the dream of Mark and Meg Kuzdas in Costa Rica that the "LaFinca" project will become a tutoring center, feeding center, discipleship center, evangelism and outreach center, gymnasium and sports center. Imagine the first awards dinner held to honor the achivements of the students in the tutoring program where family members are present to hear not only the kind words and encouragement for their children, but also to hear the credit and glo...

"Beautiful Jamaica"
Our team from CLF saw many smiles when the school uniforms and backpacks were given out. It was a wonderful trip with many hearing the good news of the Gospel. The team visited three different prisons as well and they prayed with young men and women to receive Christ as their personal Saviour.
The team ministered in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. The people are warm and friendly greeting everyone they pass. If you were to ask, "Will you return to Jamaica with the "uniform/backpack" proje...



Thank you to everyone who helped us purchase new uniforms for our students all around the world. To date we have been able to purchase new uniforms for 80 children in Jamaica.

We will deliver them, along with new book bags and supplies next month.

30 years of Faithful Service


March was a major mile stone for CLF missionaries to Guatemala, Bob and Wanda McRae. They celebrated their 30th anniversary as missionaries as well as the 30th anniversary of CLF Guatemala.

During these 30 years of ministry, Bob and Wanda have been able to serve the Lord in many exceptional...

We just received an update from Dorothy Pearce in Haiti letting us know the virus that was spreading throughout Haiti seems to be slowing down and dying.

They were not directly hit at their house and are thankful for your prayers.

Please continue to lift her and the children up in prayer that the Lord would continue to keep them safe from such sicknesses like these.


More Than Just a Baptism
Nearly two hunderd people from the two churches in Los Guidos and Tejarcillos gathered around the public swimming poll as they prepared for the special baptism service.

Through their baptism that day, sixty-four people gave public testimony of their decision to follow Christ to their fellow church members, as well as those swimming at the pool.

Amongst the others at the pool were the land owners of a piece of property the Kuzdas have been trying to purchase. After watching the service he a...

CLF Missionaries Al and Pat Rhea have been serving the Lord for years in partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ. Currently they are working in the Executive Ministries for CCC, helping them expand their territory here in the US as well as internationally.
Last month they had the perfect opportunity to do just that. Through CCC they were able to be a part of a special dinner in Palm Beach, Florida with local businessmen, professionals and athletes.

Miami Dolphin’s Owner, Wayne Huizenga...

A deadly virus is killing many in Haiti. Poor and malnourished children are at the greatest risk. The virus has not hit my home or, as far as I know, our neighborhood, at least not yet. Please pray for all of those who are sick and for those who are not sick to stay well.

This is an excerpt from an email sent by one of the larger orphanages in Port au Prince. Other orphanages are similarly affected. This may be what Makensia (one of my girls) is suffering from. She is still seriously i...

The 9th Anniversary wasn’t the only thing people were celebration at Hope Baptist Church last month in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. They were praising the Lord for the one hundred fifty-seven (157) people who came to know Christ in May. They were celebrating the forty-five (45) who gave public testimony through baptism and rejoicing over the fifty (50) who had already come to know Christ this month (June).
The celebration began with a week of revival preceding the anniversary service that Sunday and a...

Often, we would take disciples by boat from our village to visit the other villages. When we would go to Hot’s village most people were friendly but not this old witchdoctor Hot. He was a very wicked man that hated the nabas (foreigners) and hated even more the Gospel.

His demons were restless when a Christian was near especially if they were talking about Jesus. He would always turn his nose up...

Praising the Lord in the Philippines
Currently there is a large team in the Philippines working with Judy Russell and her team holding medical clinics and showing evangelistic films each night.
Praise the Lord; we just received word that over 3000 have come to know Christ!
Two in particular are the parents of one of the film evangelists, Jun Mayor! They have been praying for them for several years now, and at last their prayers are answered.
Please continue to keep the team in your prayers

In many countries waste management is a problem, and Haiti is no exception. The garbage began to pile up in front of Dorothy Pearce’s house and she had no idea what to do with it. Through a neighbor friend she was able to meet and hire Mr. Leroi to begin taking her trash away for her.

Mr. Leroi began taking Dorothy’s trash away, but he also started bringing his daughters to come visit. Dorothy has been able to help with getting medical treatment and testing for the girls, one of which has be...

Update for Venezuela
Thank you for your prayers regarding the fuel situation in Venezuela.
We have just received word that the team will be able to get a small amount of fuel that will last them about three months. It is not much, but it is a start and every little helps.
They were originally told "no more" fuel at all, but look where they are now!

Thank you again, and please continue to lift them up in prayer. ...

We have just received word from our team in the jungles of Venezuela regarding their supply of fuel. Their village is just about out of fuel for their generators. Due to the tight constraints of the government they are having great difficulty getting permission for diesel fuel and there isn’t any gasoline available at all to run the small generators.

The water system there is run by power and without any power they would be completely out of fresh drinking water and the river water there is n...

30 years of Faithful Service
March was a major mile stone for CLF missionaries to Guatemala, Bob and Wanda McRae. They celebrated their 30th anniversary as missionaries as well as the 30th anniversary of CLF Guatemala.

During these 30 years of ministry, Bob and Wanda have been able to serve the Lord in many exceptional ways. They have planted churches, they have worked with 500 Guatemalan nationals who served in 30 schools helping over 8000 children. They have also ministered in a year round camp, and oversaw a 24 bed ...

Much is happening through the ministries of CLF, in particular the area of Haiti. Christian Light Foundation has four full-time missionaries, along with multiple nationals serving throughout Haiti in efforts of reaching this destitute nation for Christ.

The walls are up on the El Shaddai Children’s home! For the past several months teams have come to work with Marie Prinvil in Port au Prince to help with the construction, and teams will continue to come this spring to help with the roof an...

This is exactly what the Kuzdas have done to reach out to the people of Los Guidos in Costa Rico. In an area of nearly 40,000, the river running through their community continually flooded over the existing bridge, and only exit out to the street. This was a constant issue, particularly for the hundreds of children needing to use the bridge to get to their school busses, leaving many stranded and not able to leave the community.

Seeing the present situation, the Kuzdas began making plans for...

The first of four weeks started off slow with only 500 kids and mothers showing up as the Kuzdas began Vacation Bible School. In the area of Los Guidos of San Jose, Costa Rica, meeting on the 2 acre piece of property they are looking to purchase, the team had a great week of games, learning and fun activities planned for these children. As the week progressed so did the number of those attending, ending the week with over 1,500 mothers and children coming each day.

This was a great time of fu...

“A Tsunami of Rocks!” 
“A Tsunami of Rocks!” That’s how one survivor described what Typhoon Reming (Durian) did in the areas around Mayon volcano. The strong winds and non stop rains caused the boulders and lahar on the slopes of the volcano to literally bulldoze villages into nothing. Houses, people, animals, farms and roads were all covered in several feet of mud and rocks. Trees were uprooted. Some portions of the highway were washed away and several bridges were destroyed. Electric towers, poles and telephone line...

The Spirit is definitely moving in the Philippines and using CLF Quezon City of Metro Manila to share the Gospel. Much has happened recently in the Northern region of the Philippines. With several typhoons hitting this area, the most recent and devastating leaving hundreds dead and thousands missing and homeless, the opportunities to serve the victims have led to great moments of sharing the Gospel.

Medical teams and film evangelist teams immediately responded to the need and headed to the ar...

CULTURE SHOCK in the South
He had spent one week in Florida before he came to us in South Georgia. One might expect to really impress a man coming from a fifth world nation. On this trip, our friend, was outside the nation of Haiti for the first time in his 30 years of life.

Everything was new for him: our Electricity that never blacks out, clean water running through pipes into our home, multiple indoor toilets in each house and the impression that everyone has a car.

He did not come to us impressed, after a week i...


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